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Picasso's Pizza Menu

Great things are happening at Picasso’s!

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At Picasso’s, we care about what goes into your food. That’s why we buy local whenever possible, and why we make our own dough, sauces and some of our toppings. If we don’t like it, we won’t sell it. That’s our promise to you, because you deserve it. Megan, Rob and all of our staff thank you for supporting a locally owned business that tries to keep as much of its money in the community as possible. Together, we can keep High River strong!

What's New Pizza Toppings, Cheeses & Drizzles Pizza Picks The High River Strong! Meatball Calzone Baked Pastas Appetizers (updated June 2014) Pick-Up Specials Hot Sandwich Wraps Cold Sandwich Wraps Salads Dips/Dressings Fruit Smoothies Deluxe Smoothies Desserts & Drinks Gluten-Free Option

What’ s New!
• Shaker Wings! (Updated June 2014)
• 10” Small Thin Crust Option
• Hot and Cold Sandwich Wraps
• 5 New Pizzas (French Deluxe, Buffalo Chicken, Surf & Turf, Perogy, The High River Strong!)
• Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings
• Tex Mex Salad
• Mango Smoothie
• Deluxe Smoothies (with Protein Powder)
• Mini Desserts

Toppings, Cheeses & Drizzles
MeatsVegetablesPremium ToppingsFree Toppings
BaconBanana PeppersChickenCrushed Chillies
BeefBlack OlivesDonair MeatGarlic Powder
CapicoliGreen OlivesShrimpSalt & Pepper
HamGreen PeppersSliced Spicy SausageSteak Spice
Italian SausageJalapeno PeppersSteak StripsTex Mex Spice

MozzarellaBold BBQ Sauce 
CheddarBuffalo Sauce 
FetaDonair Sweet Sauce 
Parmesan (free)Hot (Sriracha) Sauce 
 Ranch Dressing
 Spicy BBQ Ranch